The Clean Energy Nest

Developed with the design leadership of Chris Doray Studio, this roof top structure aims to reduce energy use, provide community access, and improve the performance of building systems through a design proposal that also greatly enhances the overall appearance of the building. The location of the proposed appurtenance and its access to sun and wind aims to be a net benefitt to the building’s residents as well as the community at large, both in terms of the site’s carbon footprint reduction as well as through providing outdoor amenity space.

Nelson Model Q103 B107 - Top Day.jpg
more people 2_0037-top.jpg
Nelson Model 14 M101 B102 - More People - Top look Down Edited.jpg
Nelson Model 14 M101 B102 - More People-3-2.jpg
Nelson Model 14 M101 B102 - More People-towards pool-2.jpg
Nelson Model 14 M101 C100 Whole Building - Solar Bird's Eye.jpg
Nelson Model 14 N104 Whole Building - Metal Frit 4k.jpg
Nelson Model Q103 B108 Night Top.jpg
Over the Fog Composit A100.jpg